The Homeopathy of Bodywork


'I've had this constant pain in my neck for 35 years. After three visits with Kim it's gone. I feel like a new person."

           ~Bob Hansen, Trumpet Player


"You provide a place for people to heal from their trauma and manage it successfully in their life in a way I haven't found anywhere else. I use what you taught me whenever I need it."

           ~Kyla, Bodywork Practitioner


"I am noticing more space and ease in my body and simplicity in my life."

            ~J. Johnston, Physicist


"I cancelled my knee surgery because it no longer hurts."

             ~J.H., Skydiver


"Before I could only feel my head and now I can connect all the way down into my legs."

              ~ Allison Suter, Housewife


"I feel better now than I did before the accident!"

              ~ Diane B, Landscape Designer


"I just wanted to thank you for being a part of our lives. Your positive influence on our family and friends has been so good for us. I have learned so much and opened up to many wonderful relations, insights, and truths, and discovered that the world has so many opportunities for me that I never imagined were available to me. I have yet so much to learn from you, and I am so excited for our next meeting. I am so different than what I was before. Thank you for helping us."

                ~A.F., Massage Therapist


"In a few moments with Kim I experienced complete wellness that lasted for days. It makes me want more."

                 ~ T.C., Speech Pathologist


"I feel deeply held and cared for. I feel seen and honored to be who I am."

                  ~ Mary Margarite, Cranial Therapist


"I am learning how to relax and trust that it's okay to be that way. I feel so much better than before. It's like having a new life!"

                   ~ G.S., Construction work


"I feel so relaxed, things that used to bother me don't get to me anymore. And I am happier in my life since I started working with you. I really appreciate this work."

                    ~Sue L., Teacher   


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