The Homeopathy of Bodywork

Benefits of Ortho-Bionomy

Experts estimate that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress-related. And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress. Ortho-Bionomy is an effective tool for managing stress, which can be applied through gentle touch on the body or off the body.

In this video example Kim takes her practice to the next level by guiding her client to presence her pain energetically. Depending on what's needed a session with Kim can include hands-on bodywork, energetic hands off the body work or energetic presencing. Whatever the means it translates into:

~ Balanced energy

~ Decreased anxiety

~ Pain Reduction

~ Enhanced sleep quality

~ Improved concentration

~ A sense of well-being

Ortho-Bionomy can also help specifically address a number of health issues. Such as:


~ Sprains

~ Migraine

~ Neck Pain

~ Back Pain

~ Carpal Tunnel

~ Knee Problems

~ Restricted Movement

~ Physical or Emotional Trauma


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