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Kim Lincoln is a registered active member with the Society of Ortho-Bionomy International,

and ABMP, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

She began her Ortho-Bionomy training in 1994 and continues her education as an Advanced Practitioner. Her work is deeply inspired by the Upanishads teachings, that~

  What you cannot know in your own body you can know nowhere else.

Kim brings the presence of refined, respectful, compassionate touch to melt through the barriers of pain, trauma, insecurity, disconnection, and loss. This beautiful and gentle bodywork system goes beyond where most systems can go, bridging the unconscious with the conscious, coarseness with fineness, helping to integrate our own inner and outer worlds.

"After many years of learning about and practicing the subtle energy system of our soul essences, I was moved to find a hands on bodywork modality that would compliment navigating this essential terrain of our being, realizing that touch along with consciousness work was necessary in order to experience trust being in a body to experience whole healing.

It is my belief that we are inherently whole by divine design, but due to conditions in our environment, we can forget or hide our true nature from ourselves or others due to fear, lack of worthiness, perceived inadequacy, shame or guilt eventually becoming more a product of our conditioning rather than the being we truly are. This work helps us to remember our authentic Self. As a result pain is released and there is an experience of both expansiveness and depth, lightness and rootedness, bringing with it an ease of wholeness in our lives.

I was first introduced to Ortho-Bionomy when a friend suggested that it could help my frozen shoulder. At that time I had been experiencing chronic pain for over a year and a half and had already received over a half dozen modalities and many sessions in each trying to release the pain, non of which was providing any lasting relief. When he described to me the gentleness of this work I doubted that it could be effective. Yet taking my doubt along in spite of myself I decided to try it. My first Ortho-Bionomy session transformed my doubt into belief! For the first time in a very long while I was experiencing new movement in my shoulder and an easing of the pain. By the 3rd session I knew that I needed to learn this work and was having much less discomfort and by the sixth session I had almost full range of motion again. In addition, an insight arose showing me a stuck emotion I had repressed at the time of the accident and when the shoulder released the emotion was set free effortlessly." 

Kim Lincoln is founder of the school, Terrain of Essence Teachings, a methodology guiding people to author their lives and live their potential from the radiant flow of being.

To learn more about Kim go to www.kimlincoln.com and www.terrainofessenceteachings.com

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